Auto Bulk Buy Here Pay Here Notes Wanted

Buy here pay here
 Independent auto dealers sell your buy here pay here notes,  we buy  bulk purchase auto notes.                                     It is our goal to be an integral part of your success. We look forward to having a long term and profitable relationship.

We buy bulk auto paper auto notes, auto receivables, buy here pay here notes.

Get Top Dollar for your auto buy here pay here notes, bulk portfolios.

We buy auto notes, buy here pay here notes, paper, bulk portfolios of all sizes.

Are you a buy here pay here auto dealer?
Do you have auto notes for sale?


Do you want to get top dollar for your bulk auto paper, auto note receivables?

Get quick cash. Free up personnel. How? Sell your seasoned auto paper notes in bulk.

Financial Solutions represents national funding sources and investors who purchase bulk auto paper, auto notes for cash NOW!

Bulk auto paper, auto note loan portfolios are purchased from dealers, finance companies and banks across the country. Over the years we have closed bulk auto paper transactions involving portfolios of all sizes. Our goal is to build an ongoing relationship with each of our sellers.

Features & Benifits:

  • Free up capital today!
    Grow your business and get top dollar for your auto note bulk paper receivables
  • Operating efficiency.
    Relieve your personnel of follow-up and collection responsibilities
  • Flexibility.
    We handle auto note bulk paper portfolios from $20,000 and up with any payment frequency.
  • Fast turnaround.
    A typical transaction takes only 7 to 10 days to complete.
  • On-site due diligence.
    For larger auto note bulk paper  portfolios, experienced auto note bulk paper purchase specialists will conduct a quick thorough review and selection of the auto note bulk paper portfolio at your location.

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