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We Represent A Group Of Professional BHPH Note Buyers

With over 40 years of automobile experience.  From selling cars, running dealerships, working with several sub-prime finance companies over the years. Pur our decades of experience to work for you in getting you the highest price for your buy here pay here portfolio. As a dealer you may sell your accounts every once in a while. Or maybe you have never sold before. We help dealers sell their accounts every day. We have handled thousands of transactions. We have a network of companies that are looking to purchase auto notes. Give us a call and let us help you. Turn Your Auto Notes Into Cash!

Tired Of chasing customers?
Can you use extra cash?

Company Mission

To provide our customers with the best service and offer the best prices in the industry.

Financial Solutions is your professional source for selling your Bulk Auto Notes and Bulk buy here pay here car notes. We have over 20 years of experience and a reputation for top quality service ready to work for you.


Why Choose Us

We have helped bhph dealers sell thousands of bhph auto notes.

Let us help you get the max for your bulk portfolio.

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